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Should I Install a VPL or an IPL?

Posted by Accessibility Modifications Solutions on Dec 6, 2018 11:01:10 AM

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Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) and Inclined Platform Lifts (IPLs) help people with mobility challenges reach the top of their steps. Both types can be added in commercial or residential locations. As one article points out , both can be cost-effective and space-saving solutions compared to ramps. However, there are some key differences between VPLs and IPLs that will determine what works best for you.

1. How they travel from level to level

A Vertical Platform Lift has a lift tower that uses hydraulics or a ball screw mechanism. A VPL has two solid sides that are attached to a tower and travels up and down the tower. An (IPL) Inclined Platform Lift must be mounted on a wall or posts, they are manufactured to mirror the slope of your steps and can move along a curved wall.

2. How they use space

A VPL uses a fair amount of vertical space, like an elevator, compared to a wheelchair ramp or IPL. They are excellent for accessing high landings like home porches. IPLs on the other hand work better on pre-existing staircases. IPLs can be accommodated easily in a space because their platform can be folded to accommodate foot traffic when the IPL is not in use. 

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