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8 Questions to Help you Choose the Right Grab Bars and Other Bathroom Accessories

Posted by Accessibility Modifications Solutions on Oct 22, 2018, 1:07:04 PM


What would you say is the most dangerous room in your home? Your kitchen? Your tool shed? You may be surprised to know that most dangerous household falls happen in bathrooms. Maybe you remember from our previous article that deaths from falls are a growing household danger for the senior population, so there is an urgent need to prevent falls in your bathroom and other places.

Grab bars are an excellent solution for your bathroom, and you may be surprised to know they can be installed elsewhere. Let’s look at some of the questions to ask as you look into grab bars.


Artboard 1 copy 21. What are my needs and specifications?

Do you have bending issues while you use the bathroom? Does your weight limit the types of grab bars you can buy? Not a problem! Toilet safety frames come in 7 different widths that can fit most body types. Does my home have limited space for a grab bar? Swing up bars conveniently pivot against the wall when not in use.



Artboard 1 copy-12. Do I struggle to sit or stand in my living room or bedroom?

Do you struggle to get out of bed? Is it hard for you to sit on your living room couch? The answer for you may be a security pole or a curved grab bar. These lock in eight unique positions to swing you smoothly in the right direction. If you decide to move and you need these poles in your next home, they are easy to re-install.   




3. Do I struggle to move around my bathroom?

Grab bars come to the rescue in various bathroom locations and designs. One example is the shower. The shower head can be enhanced with a grab bar, and mounted bars can be installed on your bathroom walls to suit your needs. If you need to sit in the tub, a bar can be mounted diagonally to help you on your way down. If you prefer to stand in the tub or shower, a vertically mounted bar may work better. A vertical bar may help you if you struggle to enter the tub.  


Artboard 2-14. Do I struggle to sit on my toilet?

If your toilet is difficult to man-oeuvre around, a toilet safety frame can be of use. There are several finishes that can be added to these frames to suit most budgets. Additional modifications can be added to suit your specific needs, like adjustable arms, brackets, and seven different frame lengths. Raised toilets can also suit your needs, if you struggle to bend.


Artboard 1 copy5. Do I struggle with stairs?

If the stairs are a struggle, you may remember from our previous article that stair lifts are a solution. But what if your budget cannot accommodate a stair lift, but you need more support than a rail can provide? A Stair Steady may be the choice for you. Stair Steadies contain sliding bars lock in various positions on the way up (or down) to give you maximum control over every step.  


Artboard 1 copy-46. Do I struggle to move around the shower?

If you struggle to sit down in the shower, shower seats can relieve the burden of standing up. If entering and exiting are a problem for you, try a transfer bench. 



Artboard 3

7. Can I install the bar myself?

There are careful calculations made at every step of construction in order to tailor your grab bar to your space. The assembly of your grab bar is tailored to your space, and should be handled by a professional for safety reasons. 




8. What financing options do I consider?

There are various options you can consider when you consider financing your  installation. Some are:

  State waivers
  Community organizations 
  Funding organizations
  Bank financing

Please consult your local professional for more detailed information.  


Installing a grab bar: watch the how-to video!



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