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5 Things To Ask Before I Modify My Vehicle

Posted by Accessibility Modifications Solutions on Nov 13, 2018 5:20:29 PM

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Drivers over the age of 65 are on the road more than ever [1]. It is also a safer time than ever for older drivers to get behind the wheel; the number of seniors killed in crashes has decreased in the last 20 years [2].

On the other hand, people with disabilities make fewer trips in cars than people without disabilities, and pedestrians in wheelchairs are more likely to die in car accidents [3][4].

If you are elderly, disabled, or injured, vehicle modifications are good news for you. They empower those in need to transport themselves safely. Let’s explore the things to ask as you search for vehicle modifications.

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1. Not sure where to start?

If you use a van, our articles on van conversion are a great place to start. Start here if you want to know if you should convert or modify your van for accessibility. Try this article  if you’re not sure whether you want a rear or side-entry conversion. If you want to learn more about the van conversion process, read more hereIf you use a car, read on to learn about lifts. 


Artboard 1 copy 2-42. What types of lifts are available?

There are many lifts out there, but the main categories are interior lifts and exterior lifts. Interior lifts attach inside the cargo area of a van, truck or SUV. They protect your mobility device inside the cargo area of your car and offer partial seating in the row they are installed in. Interior lifts fold out and carry your wheelchair or scooter using a boom. Exterior lifts use a hitch to attach to the back of your vehicle, and carry your device outside the vehicle via a platform or actuator.  


BOOM LIFT3. What type of lift fits my needs?

There is no right answer. Your choice depends on your preferences, needs, and vehicle. If you travel with large groups or need extra trunk space, exterior lifts let you travel with the important people and things in your life. Exterior lifts are also an affordable option that fit many budgets. Interior lifts are weatherproof and add no extra weight to the back of your car. 


Artboard 2-64. What type of car do I have?

If you own a minivan or an SUV you can choose between an interior or exterior lift. If you own a passenger vehicle, an exterior lift is the right solution, as smaller cars will struggle with the weight of the equipment. Always ask a specialist about the hitch load your car can support before you make your purchase.


Artboard 2 copy5. How mobile am I?

If you use a wheelchair or scooter to travel long distances but can stand up to enter and exit your vehicle, interior and exterior lifts will work. If you are recovering from an injury and only need a wheelchair for a short time, exterior lifts require minimal car modification and can be removed easily. If you are unable to get up from your wheelchair, a van conversion will allow you to remain seated as you enter and exit your vehicle.  


Financial options


There are various options you can consider when you consider financing your shower installation. Some are:

  State waivers
  Community organizations 
  Funding organizations
  Bank financing

Please consult your local professional for more detailed information.  




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