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Walk-in vs. Roll-in Showers: Which One Is Right For Me?

Posted by Accessibility Modifications Solutions on Feb 8, 2019 12:18:15 PM

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Taking a shower should be a warm, soothing experience. But climbing over the tall wall of a tub can be stressful. If you consider that bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the average house, a new shower, or replacing a bathtub with a shower, could help you be happier at home [1]. Choosing a shower does not need to be hard, and an accessible shower can empower you on your journey as you age in place.

Walk-in showers

shower-linersEasy to get in

Everyone knows the burden and danger of stepping over a bathtub wall. This is called a high threshold, which increases your chances of falling. Walk-in showers are low-threshold, which means that barrier is lower. These low steps make it easy to enter and exit.


55747b7b-5bcd-46a9-a641-ca2f329fce59Customized design

Walk-in showers can be as beautiful and accessible as the home that surrounds them. They can be enhanced with tile, benches and grab bars, and a wide selection of colors. A waterproof sliding door can be added to a walk-in shower for extra protection.

Walk-in showers can be great space-savers, as they can be installed in room corners with small wet room trays, and have no ramp. Why not add a frameless stall to give your space a more open feel?


Roll-in showers

grab-bars-family_03Easy for the whole family to use

With shared living on the rise today, particularly between seniors and younger family members, it’s more important than ever for everyone to be able to use the shower [2]. Roll-in showers have wide entrances and no curb so a wheelchair can easily roll by, which means children, parents and grandparents can enjoy a nice hot rinse.


Artboard 1 copy-6

Functional beauty

Roll-in showers are as beautiful and functional as any other kind of shower. Even though a roll-in shower can cost 10 to 20 percent more than a conventional shower due to floor sloping and wet proofing, they can be enhanced with all the modern design features that raise the value of your home, featuring a variety of colors and materials. Accessible showers can be custom made for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes to fit your space perfectly [3]. An accessible bathroom does not need to come at the expense of beauty and value.


Value for your home

sign home sale

Showers are often modified, so accessible showers are in great demand on the housing market. The accessibility craze in today’s housing market means that a walk-in or roll-in shower can pay you dividends. both kinds of showers and their features are at the top of home buyers lists today. Both are excellent choices to make your space more accessible and desirable.


Financial options


There are various options you can consider when you consider financing your shower installation. Some are:

  State waivers
  Community organizations 
  Funding organizations
  Bank financing

Please consult your local professional for more detailed information.  



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