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7 Questions to help you choose an Accessible Shower

Posted by Accessibility Modifications Solutions on Jan 31, 2019 11:08:06 AM

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Taking a bath should be a warm, soothing experience. However, considering that bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the average house, remodeling your bathroom can feel overwhelming. If it is your first time choosing between an accessible bathtub or shower, let us suggest a few questions to take some of the stress away.     


handicap-shower-stalls1. Who will be using the shower?

More seniors than ever opting to age in place, and more adults are choosing to house their older relatives. This means that the shower should suit everyone. A walk-in shower may be suitable for most ages, but a roll-in shower will provide additional age-proofing for seniors you may be housing at home, or relatives who may need a roll-in shower later on.

 Due to their open design, roll-in showers may limit privacy. However, shower rods or barrier walls can be installed.  



2. Am I planning on staying in my current home?

If you are like the millions of seniors who plan to age in their own homes, then it is wise to design a shower or bathtub that empowers you to do so. Accessible homes do well on the housing market due to increased demand. People also see that showers that happen to be accessible can also be beautiful and space-saving. One minor consideration is that choosing a walk-in shower may discourage home buyers who can only roll in. However, other home buyers may be discouraged by a roll-in shower due to concerns about water damage or personal preferences. 

car-parking-tile-500x5003. What is the most realistic option considering my space and limitations?

If you’re leaning toward purchasing a roll-in shower, you may require additional wet-proofing in your bathroom. This is because your bathroom will be more exposed to water than a closed shower.

Extensive wet-proofing may require a higher budget than a closed shower installation. However, shower screens can be installed in a roll-in shower to prevent spilling.

If you are limited on space, roll-in showers can suit your needs, as they occupy less space than curbed showers.

Due to their open design, roll-in showers may limit privacy. However, shower rods or barrier walls can be installed for cover. 

walmart-shower-handle-bathroom-safety-bars-handicap-shower-grab-bars-handicap-tub-handles-toilet-seat-assist-brass-grab-bars-amazon-grab-bars-handicap-shower-bars-menards-grab-bars-ada-bat4. What are my mobility issues?

If you are mobile to step over a slight curb, a walk-in shower will suit your needs. If you are unable to stand for long periods of time, grab bars and seating can be installed in both types of showers. If you are totally unable to walk and are confined to a wheelchair, a walk-in shower will work best.


Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.15.00 PM5. What are my personal preferences?

You may prefer the look of a walk-in or roll-in shower, and both can be customized with different high quality materials and colors to match your existing bathroom or your vision for a new one.

Your habits may impact your choice. If you are particularly sensitive to cold you may feel the heat escaping from a roll-in shower more than most, so try a walk-in shower.

Can’t stand the thought of a little extra cleaning? The curbs on walk-in showers support their doors and everything good they add, but they also need cleaning. Try a roll-in shower to skip that work.


6. Can I install the shower myself?

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There are careful calculations made at every step of construction in order to tailor your shower to your space. The assembly of your tub or shower is tailored to your space, and should be handled by a professional for safety reasons.




7. What financing options do I consider?

There are various options you can consider when you consider financing your shower  installation. Some are:

  State waivers
  Community organizations 
  Funding organizations
  Bank financing

Please consult your local professional for more detailed information.  


Building an accessible shower: watch the how-to video!

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